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The Society promotes the publication of detailed studies relating to postal stationery and encourages members to share their knowledge with others. As a result the Society is publishing a series of monographs covering many aspects of worldwide postal stationery. Monographs are issued to all Society members free of charge during their first year of publication.

To date the following monographs have been published.

Monograph Number 1
Great Britain: Victorian Private Stationery Impressed With Embossed Stamps (price 2.75 including inland postage)

Monograph Number 2
Great Britain: The Mulready Postal Stationery (4.00 including inland postage)

Monograph Number 3
The Real Cost Of The Penny Post (2.50 including inland postage)

Monograph Number 4
Great Britain: The Development Of The Aerogramme - (No copies available currently)

Monograph Number 5
Canadian Election Postal Stationery  - (No copies available currently)

Monograph Number 6
Great Britain: The GB Foreign Rate Postcards 1875-1899  - (No copies available currently)

Other Publications
The Jubilee of the Uniform Penny Post, a detailed account of the events that took place in 1890 to celebrate 50 years of cheap postage in Great Britain - 36pp b+w (3.50 including inland postage)

Great Britain Postage Rates Prepaid by Postal Stationery 1840 to 2004 ,a comprehensive booklet listing nearly all the UK postage rates from 1840 which were applicable to all types of mail, not just postal stationery - 20pp b+w (2.75 including inland postage)

Copies of monographs & publications published by the Postal Stationery Society can be obtained at the prices given in brackets (inland postage is inclusive / overseas postage is extra). Please contact Neil Sargent, the Acting Secretary of the Postal Stationery Society. You can email him at .


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