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The Postal Stationery Society was formed in 1992 to cater for the growing number of collectors of postal stationery throughout the World, to further the study of postal stationery and to develop its collecting into a more readily accepted branch of philately


The Postal Stationery Society has more than 250 members from numerous countries, including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

Being a member of the society gives you access to the name and contact information of other members with same or similar collecting interests as your own.

The following list of membersí interests has been compiled from information submitted by some members of the Society. Each line represents one memberís main or secondary interests. (M) indicates the entry is a memberís main interest, (S) indicates it is a memberís secondary interest.  


Albania, USA air routes (FAMS & CAMS)

America, Central and South  (M)

Antigua, Br EA, Br Honduras, Br Solomon Islands Protectorate  (S)

Asia (South East) Japanese Occupation WWII (M)

Auction catalogues  (S)

Australia  (M)

Australia  (S)

Australia Aerogrammes only (S)

Australia, New Zealand, Canada  (S)

Austria Postal cards only (M)

Austria, Gibraltar, Germany, Luxemburg, Malta, Sweden  (S)

Austria, Great Britain  (S)

Bangladesh, Pakistan, India (from '47) Indo-china, Tunisia, Ireland, Syria, Lebanon  (S)

Belgium  (M)

Belgium, Great Britain, Saar  (M)

British Army in Italy in WWI  (S)

British Commonwealth and worldwide  (S)

British Commonwealth revenues (S)

British Guiana  (M)

British Guiana  (M)

British West Indies  (M)

Burma  (M)

Burma  (M)

Canada  (M)

Canada  (M)

Cayman Islands  (S)

Ceylon, Nicaragua  (S)

Channel Islands Air Letters  (M)

Chile  (M)

China  (M)

Colonies  (S)

Commonwealth  (M)

Commonwealth  (M)

Commonwealth  (S)

Commonwealth Ĺd only stationery (S)

Commonwealth George VI, mainly Br West Africa, Br Borneo, Malaya (M)

Commonwealth K George VI period only (S)

Commonwealth postal cards up to KGVI  (S)

Commonwealth Up to George VI (S)

Commonwealth Uprated items and perfin stationery (M)

Commonwealth, USA  (S)

Commonwealth, USA  (S)

Commonweath Registered envelopes (S)

Cyprus  (S)

De La Rue keyplates  (S)

Denmark 1871 - 1879 (M)

Denmark used in Faroe Islands  (S)

Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland  (M)

Egypt  (M)

Egypt  (S)

Europe  (M)

Europe  (S)

Faroe Island  (M)

Fiji  (M)

Fiji  (M)

Foreign to GB  (S)

France  (S)

France  (S)

France 1944 to 1960 (S)

French Colonies Indochina (M)

Gambia Fernando PO (M)

Germany  (M)

Germany  (S)

Germany (West, East, etc) Post 1950 (M)

Gibralta used in Morocco  (S)

Gibraltar  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (M)

Great Britain  (S)

Great Britain & Ireland Mint (M)

Great Britain (QEII), USA  (S)

Great Britain 19th Century stationery (M)

Great Britain 20th century up to 1971 (S)

Great Britain Advertising (M)

Great Britain Aerogrammes (M)

Great Britain Aerogrammes (S)

Great Britain Aerogrammes (S)

Great Britain and Colonies George VI postal stationery and revenues (M)

Great Britain Cutouts (M)

Great Britain General (M)

Great Britain including military mail WWI & WWII (S)

Great Britain Mint (M)

Great Britain overprints  (S)

Great Britain Penny Pinks (M)

Great Britain Post Office issues to 1970 (M)

Great Britain Postal cards only (S)

Great Britain Postal history, Honour envelopes (S)

Great Britain Postcards (picture and advertising) (M)

Great Britain postcards and aerogrammes (M)

Great Britain Postcards and envelopes (S)

Great Britain Postcards and lettercards (M)

Great Britain QEII £sd Machins (M)

Great Britain Registered envelopes (M)

Great Britain Telegraph forms & registered envelopes (M)

Great Britain Up to George VI (M)

Great Britain Used (M)

Great Britain Victorian (M)

Holyland Aerogrammes and lettersheets, 1941 to date (M)

Honduras  (S)

Hungary  (M)

Hungary, USA  (M)

India, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria  (S)

Ireland, Germany, France  (M)

Italy 1875 to 1930s (used) (M)

Italy Valentine and decorated covers (S)

Japan  (M)

Japan, Occupation of Hong Kong, NE India, China & Philippines.  Burma, Ottoman Turkey  (M)

Latin America  (M)

Leeward Islands  (M)

Liechtenstein  (M)

Malaya, Pre 1957  (M)

Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong  (M)

Malta  (M)

Malta, Sierra Leone Mint & used (M)

Middle East  (M)

Natal  (M)

Natal  (M)

Natal, Sierra Leone  (S)

Netherlands  (M)

Netherlands East Indies  (M)

New Zealand, Australia  (M)

Newfoundland  (S)

North Africa  (S)

Norway  (M)

Norway  (M)

Officials  (S)

Orange Free State  (M)

Peru  (S)

Poland Poland and German Occupation (M)

Portugal  (M)

Postal Orders  (S)

Puerto Rico Under Spanish domination (M)

Railways Thematic interest (M)

Rhodesia  (M)

Rhodesia 1890 to date (M)

Royal Mail, Aviation Thematic (S)

Royalty, Military, POW, Official, PPI  (S)

 Scotch Whiskey advertising items (S)

Sierra Leone  (M)

Some Foreign  (S)

South Africa, French Colonies, South America  (S)

South Africa, South West Africa Kings' head stationery (S)

Southern Africa  (M)

Southern Africa Basutoland (S)

Spain Cancelled in Canary Islands (M)

St Vincent  (M)

Sweden  (S)

The World Compound stamping used (M)

Transvaal  (S)

United Nations Forces airletters (used) (M)

United States of America Cut-outs (S)

USA  (M)

USA  (M)

USA  (S)

USA  (S)

USSR 1990 to 1994 (S)

Western Australia Boer War (M)

Whole world  (M)

Whole world to 1955  (S)

World Airletters, COD covers, Express covers, Valeur Declaree covers (S)

Worldwide  (M)

Worldwide  (M)

Worldwide  (S)

Worldwide  (S)

Worldwide  (S)

Worldwide  (S)

Worldwide Advert labels with stamp space, international reply coupons (S)

Worldwide Aerogrammes (M)

Worldwide Aerogrammes (M)

Worldwide Cut-outs up to 1920 (M)

Worldwide Locals (M)

Worldwide Medical Themes (M)

Worldwide Mint and commercially used, incl registered & express (M)

Worldwide Wrappers (S)


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 Last updated: 2 March 2004