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Next Meeting

Saturday 1 April 2017
At the meeting room in the Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY.

10.30 am Meet for coffee.

11.00 am Due to illness, the planned display by Colin Baker on the postal stationery of East Africa will not take place. An alternative display is being arranged.

The display will be followed by the Society's One Sheet Competition, with all members present being asked to vote for their choice of winner.

12.30 pm Lunch. We will arrange to eat in one of the restaurants close by, and all members are invited to join in. The cost should be no more than about £17 each, including wine.

2.00 pm The session after lunch will be for members' displays. Members are asked to bring along a maximum of 32 sheets on a postal stationery theme, and to give a display lasting not more that 10 minutes with a further 10 minutes for viewing.

The meeting will finish at approximately 4.00pm.


The Mulready Postal Stationery -
Its Genesis, Production and Usage
by Alan Huggins and Alan Holyoake

This new book on the Mulready Postal Stationery by Alan Huggins and Alan Holyoake is published jointly by the Great Britain Philatelic Society and the Postal Stationery Society.

This publication makes a major addition to the literature on this subject, is fully illustrated in colour, and provides not only a comprehensive source of reference, but brings together in one place images of many of the iconic items, demonstrating their involvement in the initiation of the reforms of the postal system.

Approximately 216 pages it comprises an overview of the origins of pre-stamped stationery, the proposals made during the period of postal reform, and the subsequent production, issue and usage of the Mulready letter sheets and envelopes. This is followed by an eight frame international award winning study entitled 'The Introduction and Usage of the Mulready Postal Stationery, which demonstrates how the story of this postal historically important area can be presented as an exhibit. The contents are set out below:-

This new book on the Mulready postal stationery will be available from the Postal Stationery Society from 10th December 2015. The price is £40 plus postage (£36 to PSS members) Postage is inland £3.00, to Europe £8.00 and to the rest of the world £10.00.

If you would like a copy of this book, please contact Neil Sargent, the Acting Secretary of the Postal Stationery Society. You can email him at .

More Information and more illustrations see The Mulready Postal Stationery

2017 Subscriptions

Subscriptions for 2017 are now due

Subscriptions for 2017 are now due. If you have not already paid your subs for the year do not delay payment. Details of how to pay can be found on the renewal notice sent by post or on the Subscriptions page of this website.